Sell music! Increase your sales! Make more profit!

The demand for Concept/Theme inspired music and audio through non traditional stores is continuing to increase at an ever faster pace. In a recent industry study of the most requested gift categories, music ranked number five out of a list of seventeen. More than half the music buying public are Baby Boomers, the same generation least likely to shop in a record store for their music needs. Music made available to the 35-54 year old adult is very successful as it taps into a captive audience that is not being properly addressed by the mainstream record stores.

Our high quality music is composed and performed by leading professional musicians and artists. Our products start with a marketing concept and/or a current theme/trend. For example our collection of Music Therapy CD's started life with experts on each subject from Yoga to Meditation working with the artists/musicians to interpret the concept in music.

Playing and selling music is a wonderful and profitable way to expand your product offerings, find new opportunities to cross- merchandise, create add-on sales and turn your store into a valuable source for music not found in traditional music outlets.

How do I keep my customers interest throughout the year?

At seasonal/promotional times or at least a minimum of 2-3 times per year we suggest a review of the sales of current titles. Throughout the year any slower selling titles can be replaced. A new graphic panel and MP3 chip will be produced, again, totally free of charge. This keeps the music selection fresh and exciting for the retailer and the customers.

How can I discuss business and place an order?
Click here to contact us. This will take you to a page where you can enter your contact name, telephone number and store details. Alternatively you can contact the sales offices by Telephone: 1-800-798-7737
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